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We kill you, just because we can.

In August, 1963, Martin Luther King delivered “I have a dream” to the people of the world. That day, if you were alive, must have seemed like the sun had finally decided to shine.

On the 13th January this year, Subcommander Marcos of Mexico, delivered a speech, which I believe, once people read it, will become just as important.

I’ve just finished reading it. I didn’t even know about until a friend asked everyone to search for an english version (which was uploaded only 6 hours ago).

You can decide for yourself : 

La Jornada:

Those from above speak:

“We are the ones that give orders. We are more powerful, even though we are fewer. We do not care what you say-hear-think or do, so long as you are mute, deaf, immobile.

“We can impose as a government fairly intelligent people (although it is very difficult to find them in the world of politics), but we chose one that cannot even pretend to know what the issue is.

“Why? Because we can.

“We may use the military and police apparatus to prosecute and incarcerate real criminals, but these criminals are our vital part. Instead, we choose to pursue you, hit you, detain you, torture you, imprison you, kill you.

“Why? Because we can.

“Innocent or guilty? Who cares if you’re one or the other? Justice is a whore in our address book and, believe us, it isn’t the most expensive.

“And even though you may fulfill to the letter the mold we impose, even though you may have done nothing, even if you are innocent, we crush you.

“And if you insist on asking why we do it, we answer: because we can.

“That is what it means to have Power. Money, wealth, and things are talked about a lot. But we believe that what is exciting is this feeling of being able to decide about the life, liberty and property of anyone. No, money is not power; it is what you can have with it. Power is not only exercised with impunity; also, and above all, it is used irrationally. Because having Power is to do and undo with no more reason than the possession of Power.

“And it doesn’t matter who appears in front, hiding us. Those of the right and left are only references for the chauffeur to park the car. The machine works by itself. We do not even have to order them to punish the insolence of defying us. Governments large, medium and small, across the political spectrum, as well as intellectuals, artists, journalists, politicians, religious leaders, vie for the privilege of pleasing us.

“So fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, die, disappoint yourselves, surrender.

“For the rest of the world you don’t exist, you’re nobody.

“Yes, we have sown hatred, cynicism, bitterness, hopelessness, theoretical and practical cynicism, conformity to “the lesser evil”, fear made into ​​resignation.

“And yet, we fear that this will become transformed into organized rage, rebellion without price.

“Because the chaos that we impose we control; we manage it, we dispense it in doses, we feed it. Our ‘forces  of order’ are forces to impose our chaos.

“But the chaos that comes from below …

“Oh, that … we do not even understand what they say, who they are, how much they cost.

“And then they are so rude as to no longer beg, expect, ask, plead, but to exercise their freedom. Have you ever seen so great an obscenity!

“That’s the real danger. People who look for another way, that is outside the mold, or who break it, or ignore it.

“Don’t you know that this has given us very good results? That myth of unity at all costs. To agree only with the boss, the director, leader, the strongman, or whatever they are called. To monitor, manage, contain, buy someone is easier than many other ways. Yes, and cheaper. That and the individual rebellions. They are so touchingly useless.

“Instead, what is definitely dangerous, true chaos, is that everyone becomes a collective, a group, a band, a race, an organization, and learn to say ‘no’ and say ‘yes’, and agree among themselves. Because the ‘no’ defines those whom we order. And yes … ugh … now that’s a calamity. Imagine that each person builds his own destiny and decides what to be and do. It would be equivalent to pointing out that we are the expendable ones, that we are superfluous, that we are in the way, that we are not necessary, that we should be imprisoned, that we should disappear.

“Yes, a nightmare. Clearly, but now for us. Can you imagine what bad taste there would be in this world? Full of Indians, blacks, browns, yellows, reds, with dreadlocks, tattoos, piercings, studs; punks, nuts, skaters; the A [anarchist] flag of a nation that can’t be bought; of youth, women, whores, children, old people, pimps, chauffeurs, peasants, workers, commoners, riff-raff, the poor, the anonymous, of … of others. Without a special place for us, ‘the beautiful people’ … ‘the good people’. Just so that you understand  us …. because you stand out for not having studied at Harvard.

“Yes, that day would be night for us … Yes, everything would burst. What would we do?

“Hmm … we hadn’t thought of that. We think, we plan and execute what to do to prevent it from happening, but … no, it hadn’t occurred to us.

“Well, in this case, because … um … I do not know … maybe we can look for culprits and then, because look, I dunno, a plan B. Of course, by then everything would be useless. I think then we would remember the words of that damned red Jew … no, not Marx … Einstein, Albert Einstein. I think it was he who said: ‘Theory is when we know everything and nothing works. Practice is when everything works and nobody knows why. In this case we combine theory and practice: nothing works … and nobody knows why.’

“No, you’re right, neither will we even be able to smile. A sense of humor has always been an asset that can’t be expropriated. Isn’t that a shame?

“Yes, no doubt: these are times of crisis.

“Hey, aren’t you going to take pictures? I mean, to fix us up a bit and make us a little more decent. Nah, we already used that outfit for another show. Ah, but how can we count on you when it is clear that you haven’t gotten past cowboy books.

“Ah, we can’t wait to tell our friends that so and so came to interview us. They’ll love it. And, well, it’s going to give us a cosmopolitan air …

“No, it’s clear, we don’t fear you. As for that prophecy … bah, it’s just superstition, so … so … so native … Yes, so of the south … hahaha … what a good joke, we’ll tell the girls when we see them.

“What? … Is not a prophecy? …

“Oh, it’s a promise …

(…) (The ‘titutata-tatatata’ sound of a SmartPhone)

“Hello, police? Yes, I want to report that someone came to see us. Yes, we thought it was a journalist or something. He looked so … so … so other, yes. No, he did nothing. No, he didn’t take anything. Just that now as we left for the club to see our friends, we see that they have painted something on the entrance gate to the garden. No, the guards didn’t notice who. Of course not, ghosts don’t exist. Well, it’s painted with many colors and … No, we didn’t see any paint can close by … Well, we said that it is painted with many colors, very colorful, very Indian, quite different, nothing like anything in the galleries where … what? No, we don’t want you to send any patrols. Yes, we know. But we called to see if you can figure out what the painting means. We don’t know if it’s a key, or one of those strange languages spoken by the common folk. Yes, it’s a word, but we don’t know why it gives us the shivers. It says:

“Marichi weu!”  

[MV Note: A word of the Mapuche of Chile meaning “one hundred times we will win”, which is chanted vigorously in support and solidarity.]

(To be continued …)

From whatever corner, in whatever world.

Subcommander Marcos.

Planet Earth.

January 2013.

Forcing Farmers to choose between CSG and Crops

Yesterday, via, I submitted a letter to the MP of Dubbo, Troy Grant, to ask him to not allow CSG fracking in his area. See, some farmers want CSG – mainly because of the money. They have mortgages too (some at 18% interest rates) and so I wrote the following explaining myself. Following on is his response, and my subsequent response to him.

Silly.. He brought up “Code of Practise” with the wrong woman


“Please. Some of us can see further down the path, where all of our True-Aussie farmers land are sold off to Chinese Investors who don’t give a shit about the locals. Who don’t give a shit about the long term impact.Who don’t give a shit about where our food comes from.

Please stop the local farmers land from being exploited for gas, the Barwon runs through your land, and the hearts of the people. Please don’t force them to chose gas, as they cannot compete against the massive agribusiness’ that are taking over your local area.

The gas can only be extracted once, and then what? Land that CANNOT be used, water that CANNOT be used. People who have been used. Stand up, and say NO CSG IN MY AREA. Support your local farmers to take on the foreign ownership of land, to stop CSG (which is 80% sent overseas anyway). Help them to return to the land the way nature intended.

It’s in your hands. But will remain in the hands of your children. Are you prepared to do that?”


Dear Ms Sheppard

Thank you for your email/letter concerning the coal seam gas industry in New South Wales. The NSW Government has recently introduced 27 new measures to further safeguard the health and safety of the community, and to protect our valuable land and water resources.

These include:

  • a new policy to protect aquifers and prevent ground water contamination
  • the banning of dangerous chemicals used in the hydraulic fracturing process
  • new well drilling regulations
  • toughened penalties for environmental breaches.

The NSW Government has also implemented two new Codes of Practice that require world’s best practice for coal seam gas hydraulic fracturing and well design.

The new Codes of Practice were independently peer-reviewed by the NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer, Professor Mary O’Kane, and followed a 12 month moratorium on the granting of new approvals for use of hydraulic fracturing during coal seam gas drilling.

All coal seam gas exploration and production licences are subject to the new Codes of Practice, which are also included as a condition of title. Failure to comply with title conditions can result in enforcement action against the holder, including prosecution and title cancellation.

It should be noted that new techniques such as horizontal well drilling are emerging as an alternative to hydraulic fracturing and are more commonly used in NSW.

The NSW Government has recently increased the number of drilling inspectors in the field to improve the monitoring of gas exploration and production, and has appointed a Land and Water Commissioner to provide guidance to landholders and the community in relation to coal seam gas activities.

The coal seam gas industry has been operating successfully in NSW for more than 10 years without incident; and the development of a domestic industry presents a significant economic opportunity for NSW. Coal seam gas activities with unacceptable impacts will not be approved by the NSW Government. Governed by world-best practice regulations, NSW can benefit from the responsible development of a sustainable domestic gas industry.

Yours sincerely

Troy Grant MP | Member for Dubbo “


Thank you for your response, it is greatly appreciated.

I do have one further question. Could you please tell me who will be the party responsible for ensuring that companies adhere to the Code of Practise, is it mandatory to be a signatory to it and who will also investigate any complaints made against them by the general public.

The reason I ask, is that the Banking Code of Practise had recently been found to not be worth the paper it’s written on, with only 250 out of 2.5 million complaints being investigated. In actual fact, 2 of your constituents are about to be forcibly removed from their property tomorrow, due to misleading and unconscionable conduct by the NAB in not following the Banking Code of Practise; which is meant to protect people from having to fight the Banks in the Court. I suggest you take a few moments to read the following information linked here, as the media is currently on their way to film the eviction.

MP Andrew Wilkie has submitted a Private Members Bill to make changes to this, to ensure the fair treatment of banking customers. This is 10 years after the Code of Practise for Banks was set up. If the CSG Code of Practise has no teeth, and the companies do not follow them, then the environmental impact would be much greater than Banks not following their Code. You can therefore perhaps understand my questioning the CSG Code of Practise legitimacy.

Thank you,

Katie Sheppard

Occupy Sydney Day 365: The Priestley’s versus NAB Bank

This is the first time in 2.5 years that the Priestly’s have stood up in public to speak about their fight against the NAB – they are very brave to do this. My hearts goes out to them

** Update ** Communication received today from The Priestly’s.

“Michael Chaney, NAB Chairman, should not be allowing possession to go ahead when the most recent letters have put them on notice that we know they have engaged in misleading and deceptive conduct.

( refer to post :

This is by having a secret constitution that meant they would never investigate complaints.  By that time, you are in court, and you can’t win because they have set you up to default, so your too broke to have your complaints heard in court.

The Code is meant to be a free service to protect customers. Lawyers and Courts are not free.

Michael Chaney should instruct the NAB lawyers  now to stop all possession until appeal and these allegations are investigated and then he can prove (if he can) that the directors and CEO have not cheated us.”

The Farmers vs the Banks – Update

First of all, this linked article by Professor Evan Jones is amazing, detailed and extremely worthwhile reading.

Secondly -The Farmers have only a few days left until the Sheriff comes and seizes their property, yet still they fight! Amazing family, I’m so very proud to know them.

These attached letters show exactly why they are continuing to fight, and how the Bank’s and their  fraudulent and misleading behaviour towards treating you in a “fair and reasonable manner” is just a load of ..well, crap, to put it bluntly.

Link to – Priestly Letter to Cameron Clyne – NAB CEO – 6th Jan 2013

(The information sent to NAB by the Priestley’s was obtained from the Council of Small Business submission no. 90 (Attachment 1) published by the Parliament in 2011.) The link is here:

Link to – Priestley to NAB Chairman Chaney 14 Jan 2013
Please share around, download the letters and the link, and help me spread the word. ANZ supporting mining is a big deal, but even bigger, is the fact that these banks KNOW if you complain, they don’t have to worry as they control the complaints process.


To facebook or not facebook – that is the question.

yes, I’ve made a decision, albeit, not one set in stone.

Today, I deactivated my facebook account. My account where I’ve been sharing all manner of information, however, recently, I’ve found it difficult to juggle the line between ” tell everyone about all the awful news out there” and the “I’m a single girl, in a lonely world, just wanting some emotional intimacy”.

See, majority of my friends on facebook, and a lot of them truly are friends, are interested in both sides of my life. And, if they have multi-faceted FB personalities, I take a keen interest in theirs.

But, there are some facebook capabilities, that are not conducive to well-rounded, sincere, relationships. 

And so I withdraw – happy, yet already feeling the effects of a withdrawal, to my lounge chair to read a book. Instead of telling you I am reading a book. I’m just going to bloody well read it. Oh..shit.. I just told you I was going to read it, so perhaps this blog is my methadone??

Funny, I even posted on my 7 year old Livejournal account. Felt, kinda like coming home..

Anyway, so you know I’m going to be reading, but other than that, I’m keeping things private. Close. Secure. I’m nurturing a new way. And I’m going to be good at it.

And if I am good at it, I promise, I’ll tell you all about it 🙂

21st of the 12th, 2000 and 12.

Bus route: M40

This is another date of significance. 3000 years ago, The Mayan’s created a calendar. And it’s date end’s today. End of the world as we know it.

As we know it.

they’re the key words in that sentence.

Does this mean a spiritual change or a physical change? No body really knows, although the Peruvian’s take it to mean a new consciousness; a shift in perspective and priorities. And that doesn’t seem such a bad thing. Then there are those that believe in the Tablets of Thoth, and Atlantis, and then again, it could truly be a self-prophesised state of affairs.

Depends on how the thousands of cultures around the world take it. if the world is going to end, why not be the one to do it? That fame, or infamy, can be a mighty temptation. However, short lived.

it’s also..

oops sorry, got distracted looking out the window.

Harbour Bridge – Suicide lane.

Anzac Bridge to the left, cloudy day on the harbour but snatches of blue sky hang back, letting the chunky puffs of cloud cross over.

Observatory Hill. A lone bench waits under the majestic Moreton Bay Fig. Always a witness.

Flashing screens rest in the hands of this final day’s commute.

It’s good to smile. To see a smile. A genuine affection.

It’s also good to find a coffee. plonked myself at a cafe in the city now. Decided to take a tourists approach to breakfast. There are certain parts of Sydney that truly remind me of New York. not that this is one of them, but just that whole touristy feeling. Been so long since I’ve been a tourist traveller, or a travelling tourist. How about a travelling local – I am a local member of this earthly community, am I not? Either way, it’s long overdue. To run my hand along ancient walls.

A glimmer catches my eye. It’s just the moving reflection of a widow being forced open. Letting in, and inviting all this corner has to offer.

I’m not a stranger here. My “G’Day” is as authentic as they come. Yet the ties which bind this are not blood. There is nothing about me. No cell, no appendage that was created by Australia. However, we are all star-dust, and land mass doesn’t need names to exist. For all that makes up Australia, makes up me. We are one and the same. From dust we came, dust we are, and to it we return.

Perhaps.. it is within each of us that the world will end.

Perhaps.. it is my responsibility to take the step forward, the movement towards a heightened understanding of this strange life and world I’m inhabiting.

I like wearing my sunglasses. It let’s me look at people, admire them, enquire of them. My previous one’s were dark, and these new ones not so much. So I think people can see my eyes now when I’m looking at them.

Behind these lens’ lie lens’ – a lifetime of witnessing, absorbing, contemplating and judging. And yet, many more lifetimes will walk past me; with their own loves, regrets, their thoughts of self-reliance and responsibility. Not all have real dreams left. The death behind the lens’ is already visible – old, young doesn’t matter; they’ve given up on reaching anywhere near where they were promised; what they’ve been led to believe was possible within the miasma of collages this life really is.

But the driving force is still there. They still walk. A whimper, but a flicker is more than enough to get a flame going.

It’s Christmas, and I’m on holidays. It’s time for me to stop talking, and start being all of the above and more – until the love I have inside is not blocked by those I throw my arm over as I sleep. I have so much to give, yet so few seem able to truly accept it.

Surely. Someone new. Someone able.

And the urge to continue writing goes on – almost as a requirement of allowing myself this delicious, expensive breakfast, at this lovely cafe. If I don’t write in this journal, then i’m just another lonely person, eating breakfast alone. But with these sunglasses, headphones, notepad and pen – well! I could just be that incognito journalist, or that fancy traveller, maybe that restaurant critic they’ve heard about.

Not just some hungry, tired, mid 30’s chick with bed head on her way home from a night out, writing line after line of just random thoughts in a cheap journal to make herself look busy.


102 is all it takes.

102 signatures.

That’s this morning, although it was probably closer to about 60-65 when the phone call came through.

The Farmers were on the phone.

Asking me what had I done. How did I do it?  

And telling me, that the NAB Solicitors had just been on the phone.

Telling them, that they had been *thinking* about their situation, and had *decided* that evicting them before Christmas was the wrong thing to do. And that they would like to allow them to stay until the 8th JANUARY!!!!

The sound of joy in her voice, is one that I will never forget.

The dancing around the restaurant that I was doing, is one that my work colleagues will never forget.

The feeling in my soul that I, we, had effected real change to real people, is one that will always be there. That change is possible, That people, working together, is a real and viable option. 

I was/am almost in a state of disbelief. I mean, this is the one of Australia’s largest banks – one of the “Big 4”, and yet a small group of dedicated people had forced their hand to be more compassionate.

The only people in the world that can make real changes is everybody.

Each one of us, joining hands with out friends/family/internet citizens, can make real change.

I can’t get them their farm back.

But I will forever know, and hold dear, that visual of just one family being happier on Christmas Day.

One at a time. I’ve made a start.



Avaaz petition ! Please sign, stop the farmers being evicted before Xmas

Christmas is a time to be surrounded by love and compassion, and “peace on earth, good will towards men”. Not in Australian Banks, it’s not!

NAB evicting Farmers on Christmas Eve.



Please.. everyone. I don’t often ask for your help, to really come together and to make a direct change.

The Priestley’s (Farmers) are being evicted on Christmas Eve.(if not this Sunday). From the house that their father, who died from the stress of this horrific court case just over a year ago, had lived in his whole life. And due to the NAB refusing to delay a hearing, Chris and Claire were actually in court in Sydney at the time their father passed away. They can never get that back.

And now, the NAB has beat them in the courts, the very place the Code of Banking Practise is meant to stop struggling farmers and small businesses ending up in. The code is meant to make things fairer, but they’ll do their damnedest to get you in court, so they can flex their legal and finance capabilities against you.

Even the most recent Judge stated that the “CEO has a lot to answer for”. He had been given a copy of the leaked “Constitution” document, that categorically states there is an over-arching, joint sitting, round-table group of Bank CEO’s that decide which cases are investigated when a complaint is made to the supposed “Independent” Code Monitoring Committee. Really. This “Association” exists. In Australia.

But with the Priestley’s eviction imminent, they’re no longer being given the opportunity to sit around the Aussie Christmas dinner table, with their close friends and family, and farewell the memories of the past 100 years that their family has worked this land and built this home.

To have lawyers and bankers come to your door, on such a day that heralds “peace on earth, good will to men” is just sickening and despicable.

I want to change this. I want them to have some sort of chance at closure, although there will never been an end to this in their hearts. But to at least offer them a mental closure, a chance to farewell, to say thank you and good bye to their home.

I want to give them Christmas in the house.

But I don’t know what to do? And I need help to get this the exposure it deserves. Perhaps an avaaz petition? I want this to be enormous, using media and peaceful methods. I’m a new activist, and need some help x

Help me harness the true spirit of Christmas. Help me, help others xxx

NAB treats 3rd generation farmers like 2nd rate citizens, whilst sponsoring “2012 – Year of the Farmer”

It all started with a request for my email address from a good friend who lives out in Dubbo. Said he had information for me about a local family that was being screwed by the NAB. A few hours later, 5 emails came through, and one by one described the awful situation that a brother and sister were facing.

Claire and her brother Chris are 3rd generation farmers, on a property that has been in their families hands for over 100 years. Their property is a mix of cattle, wheat and cotton farming, surrounded by pristine nature, and bordered by the Macquarie and Barwon rivers, in the North West of NSW. This is their home. Now all of this is about to taken away from them. Surviving 9 years of drought, this is a family who couldn’t be destroyed by Mother Nature’s worst but now they find themselves about to be evicted by parasitic, immoral, impatient bankers from National Australia Bank.

In a time where most loans are around the 7-12% mark, NAB has made millions from the percentage gap on what we pay, compared to what they pay for the money – especially in this post GFC world, whereby banks can practically steal the money from the Reserve Bank, both here and the US Federal Reserve.

Yet, the opportunity to make even more money is always so very temping, and thus when the farmers came to them to assist, and at a time where there was the best opportunity to trade out of debt came from the sky in early 2010, when the Boxing Day 2009 rains finally broke the drought, they couldn’t help but take full advantage of the situation.

The rains gave these farmers, who provide our entire state with food, who have been struggling for so many years, an incredible climatic opportunity to address the debt bought about by nine years of drought. But the NAB told them to sell the farms without a crop in the ground or deal with the default rate of their 18% interest loan as they refused to advance anymore finance to grow crops when the drought broke  18%! Most credit cards aren’t that high these days. And this is after 9 years of drought, and a flood.

Because Claire and Chris refused to sell up before taking advantage of the best season to trade out of debt, they went ahead sowed the 2010 wheat crop. They then were then served Farm Debt Mediation that forced unreasonable obligations on them that did not take into consideration a Natural Disaster, because of this they breached their Farm Debt Mediation agreement (one clause being to repay $1million to the NAB by January 2011 based on the 2010 wheat crop). With help from local people they got by, and managed to not have to sell the farm in early 2010, they sowed the 2010 wheat crop which proved their viability by growing an 18,000 tonne (about $5million) wheat crop only to see it destroyed by the November 2010 floods.

If the NAB had assisted them to use the abundance of water that had returned to the Macquarie river because of the incredible season in 2010 they would have been able to use this income to make up for the loss of the 2010 wheat crop, however the NAB refused to maintain the farms, and in the same year the NAB assisted Cubby Station to grow cotton when it was in administration. At the time the NAB called in Chris and Claire’s loan. They were told they had 49% equity but it was of no use to them as they could not get finance to continue to grow crops. Refinancing was made impossible because it appears that once the NAB eliminates you and Farm Debt Mediation is served, other financiers are reluctant to assist, especially when credit was near impossible due to the GFC.

 They were never in the financial crisis Cubby Station was in, yet they were crucified and blocked by the NAB of having any hope of running the land profitably as the NAB did for Cubby Station in 2010.

All options are being investigated to fix this situation, reluctantly they put the farms up for sale by auction on November 17, 2011 to show the NAB they had tried, they failed to sell and now the NAB are seeking possession. Usually a farmer is given the chance to sell again in six months and keep the farms running and using every environmental opportunity possible to bring income in until it is sold satisfactorily, but not in this case. Investors have been and are being sought; a community and equity partnership with the Aboriginal Community of Brewarrina and Walgett was very well received by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (who is conducting a feasibility study) and the NAB initially.

Cameron Clyne is the NAB CEO who is at the forefront of NAB Reconciliation Action Plan, and Glenn Brennan NAB Indigenous Affairs Manager, however, both seem to be full of talk and no action. This isn’t about not wanting to pay the money back. This is about being a farmer at the mercy of Mother Nature, and now of this prestitute bank, ironically being a main supporter of “2012 – Australian Year of the Farmer”, and making over $1.4billion profit in Q2 (Oct-Dec 2011) + record profits in 2011 –  is unable to wait for the study to be completed(End April) and has given an earliest date of eviction of the 12th April.

The NAB has shown their determination in this matter, without a thought for the big picture. To not even wait 12 months for a full cycle of growth. To not even wait while the head of the family, their father, Gordon Priestley lay dying in hospital whilst they were also isolated again in the February 2012 floods. The NAB were requested twice to defer the Supreme Court proceedings as it was impossible for Chris and Claire to file a defence due to Chris being isolated on the farm due to the floods and Claire caring for her father in Dubbo and then Brewarrina Hospital where he passed away on February 19, 2012. They were also told that the DEEWR feasibility study into their Aboriginal proposal needed time to be completed by end of April, but they were told that the debt is out of control and the interest is accumulating too much and that Aboriginal projects take too much time, however they did not mention that the NAB are in a partnership with Indigenous Business Australia the main funding body for such projects..

And so while the NAB continued its relentless pursuit, they left their father in hospital to meet with a solicitor to see if he would represent them on February 20. Their father passed away while they were trying to get legal help, yet bravely, only the next day they attended court in Sydney where the Louis-Vuitton clad lawyer for NAB still showed no mercy, all the while her high-end labels cloaking the heartless corporation that lives beneath and clocking up legal fees Chris and Claire Priestley will have to pay. In addition to this, they have been trying to get Centrelink to assist them for living costs as when they asked the NAB for living money when their father was dying they were refused and told that the NAB had already been good to them.

This bank who promotes itself as “More Give, Less Take” is its own antithesis of what it promotes.

It’s time to truly understand and appreciate the integral work that our farmers do, and the challenges they face. The NAB claims this family has broken their contract, yet at the same time, the NAB is blatantly breaching theBanking Code of Conduct. 

Today – 10th December marks a day they will never forget. The courts have judged against them, and they have until 9am to get out.

I don’t know what to do, how to help. I don’t know how they must be feeling. Devastation is an underrated word.
This all ties in with the Banking Code of Practise, and I can promise, NAB – You have not heard the last of us. You will be held accountable. You will be brought into the light. And you will be ashamed.