by .me.


Everyone does it these days, with their phones, their go-pro’s,

the camera Aunt Jean bought them for Christmas.

Why do we feel such a drive to capture, lock-away moments?

Today I was reminded.

I arrived at the church 10min before the service started,

made my way up the steps where I was greeted at the door by 2 people handing out the Memorial Service book.

I couldn’t look at the front of it,

the grief had yet to hit me, and I wasn’t prepared to look upon the face I would never see animated again.

I flipped the booklet over, and there it was.

A family photo I’d taken at a party she’d asked me to attend.

Her face of such joy with her husband, their 4 kids.

Happy, smiling, embracing each other the way close families do.

A moment i’d captured, with a single 250th of a second shutter speed,

one of a hundred images I took that day.


This is why I shoot.

This is why I am a photographer.

So that those tiniest of moments can become most treasured when those we love are gone.

I’m honoured by every friend, every friend-of-a-friend, every client that hires me.

Because I know,

that when your house burns down,

you grab the photos.

To be able to give the gift of love captured, is the most precious gift of all.