Spring break

by .me.

Actually, it’s not Spring yet.

Another 2 weeks or so until the equinox.

But that’s not why I’m here, the title has nothing to do with the weather

and everything to do with love.

Such a laden word. Love.

Yet used so flippantly by many.

Day to day, I can say this word multiple times

but it’s been some time since I’ve looked into eyes

and seen it reflected back with equal ferocity and compassion.

“But you suit single!”, they say.

well, sure – if by that you mean I take all of life’s opportunities, haven’t settled into crazy-cat-lady, coupon cutting, Wheel of Fortune watching, middle-aged spinsterhood..?  

I am none of these things, despite the lack of of a “significant other”.

What else am I to do?

I have life.

Am i not meant to live it?

I’m fit, healthy, intelligent, artistic, employed, fun. I love life, and every morning I invite it.

Oh, but to have that one amazing partner, with who I could jump rainbows with..

That’s my Summer.

To feel the same love that I feel when it’s a 28c day, seagulls are flying, gorgeous glassy waves are calling, it’s 2pm in the afternoon and I’ve cracked open a beer, and cranked up the tunes.

I explode into particles of love on days like that; dancing across the crests of the waves, up through the wispy clouds, into the very sky I’ve been dozing under for 20 minutes, while I secretly listen to conversations, kids playing, waves crashing.

Until then, and it’s not long now, like jasmine in the air taunting me of future delights;

Fly open the school doors, let me cast my books into a messy locker,

as we all run out into the playing fields of potentiality.

I am in my own Spring break.

Temporary. It is.

Desirable. We all are.

Hopeful. I am.

Till Summer.

Till you x