ninja valentine

by .me.

I’ve got 10 minutes before my meeting will start

but I wanted to take a second to write what’s in my heart.

You brought me some flowers, I’ll write you a poem

you can copy the link, tell your friends and show them

a sweet little ditty to show my thanks

to the long afternoons, with a couple of spanks

and cricket and beers, and soft flowy curtains

we’re now really friends, of that I am certain.

Only 3 months ago, I didn’t know who you were

except someone who raved, my life was a blur

Mr Fluffer they call you, I think that’s quite sweet,

I really am happy we’ve gotten to meet

each other and laugh, and goss and unwind

these last 3 months, I would not rewind.

I am the best landlady you’ve ever had

little gnocchi one day, just might have a dad.

So thank you once more, my day you have made

Happy Valentines Day, let’s hope you get laid