by .me.

It could be the combination of a few things;

yes, it’s true – I am on holidays

but I don’t think that’s the true catalyst.

It could be the psych visits, but for all she’s done,

I’ve done most of it myself.

It could be the trip to Miami I was awarded by the company I work for

for being awesome. But that’s like icing on the cake.

So what is it? Where does this stream of energy

running across my back and into my heart come from?

And the answer to that, is the answer to this smile,

these tapping feet, my dancing soul.

I’m so fucking happy.

I’m realising some truths just come with age

how delicious to discover them like jewels along an overgrown path.

Nothing, and I’ve traversed the external world and the internal questions,

Nothing allows me to soar the heights of love like lost-in-the-world, eyes-shut, heart open dancing

surrounded by the most beautiful people

surrounded by mother nature

encompassed in this all-too-human body,

relishing the short time we are here.

I’m still tingling, still feeling the space in my brain

behind my eyes


to my ears, and down my neck

open and inviting

all the things.

I’m so fucking happy right now, I could share this love with a million and not be left lacking