holding on

such a delicious morning

the sun is frying me already

and it’s all i can do

to not strip off and let it

hit my white bits.

Last day


a moments feeling of sadness

sadness for that which was lost this year

a love

a baby

an inspiring hero

an innocence

I once had

now growing up

day after day.

getting more me

less of false

more of real.

Lost in the past

i feel separate from my surroundings

a loner at my own party

the beautiful thing now,

is that I know.

knowledge is not power.

Acting on knowledge is power,

I love that my body aches for your touch,

a touch I am not expecting.

a touch now treasured

I see it locked away in a gorgeous hand-carved box,

tucked away on the top shelf in the back of the garage.

What I have to do though, is open it, absorb it,

let it shine savagely through my universe,

like the time they opened the Ark in Raiders of the Lost Ark,

blasting through all the cobwebs,

scorching through my soul, as the sun does this morning,

all powerful, all knowing

all love.

More than 3 little words.

All that I am,

has all the love that exists in me,

for all that you are.


See you in 2014.