There’s nothing like the

crinkle of wrapping paper

the toe-hold

as I grab the sticky tape

to seal down one end

and then the other,

turn it over

write words on some paper

and seal it with a kiss.

or a few kisses xxx

that’s when christmas comes into my heart

not the carols,

not the tree

not the specials on prawns and plums

and ham

mmmm ham.

no, it’s none of that,

it’s not even there while i’m scanning my card

time after time

in shop after shop.

it’s Eve.

it’s quiet.

except for the sound of paper, and the screech

of the tape dispenser as i cut off

another piece.



to you and yours

i wish you all in the world, but nothing but peace.

I’m feeling very sensitive tonight, tears in my eyes as I feel the love for my family, my friends, those that have passed, and those who are near yet no longer so close. Tears for the slight ache of loneliness. I feel all your love. Those that are lonely, cold, hungry, sad, full of despair and grief. tonight of all nights I feel your pain.I’m feeling you all tonight, and I feel so blessed to be so open to all the emotions of life.

peace on earth, goodwill to all.