The show

its words hang
like an outward breath, the oceans slide over the sand at the end of her journey.

Soft, slow, slumber
lots of room for blunder
Forgiving, fresh
but familiar
the sting on my skin
from the sun
from the sin.
You can smell it,
as its long drawl
covers the earth
in its shawl.

Cover up
head to toe
white wearing almost nothing at all.
It’s drinks with straws
the sunlight draws
lines across my shoulders, hips, thighs
evidence of a full day
in its glow
only some of you will I
let in
only some of you will I
appreciate my sin.

Dots dance over the page
as the karaoke man
finally sets the stage
for an entertaining extravaganza.
The cricket is over
the lights go low
it’s time for the show
it’s time for me to go.