some days

I can’t wait for the sun to go down.

as much as I love daylight savings,

it’s those last few hours that seem to stretch

that seem to bend

the emotions of the day as begun.

I read today, alternate endings

to movies that were never shown.

Joel and Clementine continuously erasing

each other

continuously finding

each other

for fifty more years.

when I really listen

when I really feel

that’s how I see us.







start again.

With a random encounter on the train

we meet once more.

Unaware of hurtful words,

unaware of the daggers and swords

we pushed

into each others heart.

As much as I fight,

the true feelings are true.

there’s never been

someone like you.

there’s never been

someone like me.

there’s never been someone like us,

now matter how fucked up shit gets

when you smile, I smile

when I hurt, you hurt

when I push you away,

you go

and that’s when

I come back

because there’s us

and that’s the truth

I’m so sorry.

Matt and Katie Xmas party