there is no need for a title

The water molecules seem to suspend in mid-air for an extra second,

I can almost separate them,

see each droplet as they



fall to become one again.

a crab off to my left

birds hover on past

slowly opening their wing span

to slow them down enough to land.

There’s a stillness to me

one I haven’t felt in a long while,

My mind is not.


i have mindlessness.

I’m seeing only¬†with my heart

watching with my eyes

smelling the ocean with my nostrils

and feeling the rock with my feet.

It’s no different to my own organs

and the water that inhabits

my body.


This is how I always want to feel.

a calm love

a peaceful acknowledgement that

I am the universe

and the universe is me.

Every blade of grass,

an individual.

Each bird a miracle.

Each stroke of freestyle an expression of a body



yet one with the water I so deftly move through.

And love.

love fills my soul,

my heart

my ears

I feel it’s caress on my cheek,

hear the whispers that I not alone in this world.

That I am in love

I am love

it’s beautiful, and I lack for nothing.

I left it all on the dancefloor

and took in more than I needed

to keep smiling.

It filled me up, and what was left over

poured out of my smile,

my eyes,

the kindness of my touch towards you.

I felt it returned,

in your words

your touch

your eyes that say

“you are beautiful, even your shadow”

I am in love,

I am love

I am.