3 years. nothings changed. God knows I’ve tried though.

To sit,

to be silent, peaceful, humble

to seek humility, forgiveness, security

to find warmth, understanding, clarity

to give love

always with purity

to see your eyes tell the truth.

I have no eyes to see

no ears to hear.

I am all

and nothing.

I am not who I pretend to be.

Yet, I try so hard

to allow the love to reside, to settle

to set up shop and be calm with that.

I have room for you, you are always welcome here.

I hear a car,

it doesn’t stop

but it sounds like a taxi that might have brought you to me.

But you’re not it’s passenger.

I don’t know where you are

who you’re making laugh

who you’re being kind to

who’s hair your fingers are stroking.

I don’t know where you are,

except not here.

I don’t know your thoughts

if they swing or are solid.

But they haven’t brought you here.

It was a year.

And this time

I watch the sunrise




24th October 2010