by .me.

that’s the hardest.

some people think it’s the evenings,

when the streets go quiet, the cats are sleeping,

and there’s nothing but your own mind



ticking with the days events.

Nights I can handle,

there’s always enough crap on tv to bore me to sleep.



that roll over from sleep to awake

when there is no emotion

for a



I literally feel my heart sink into my stomach

with the truth

that what I’ve woken up to

is what i fell asleep to.

I guess it’s despair,

a broken heart remembered.

i stop breathing

i clutch my chest, my stomach,

waiting.waiting. it won’t stay long,

but fuck it hurts while it’s there.

I make coffee

roll a cigarette

expose my soul to the rising sun

helps to banish the darkness.

Until first.thing.