A Genetically Modified Opinion

For the record:
My personal stance on genetically modified food is that i don’t agree with GM food being used within food without the producers being forced by law to label these products appropriately. If Kellogs is forced to show the nutritional benefit of their corn flakes, on the front of the pack, in an easy-to-read % of BMI table so I can choose whether or not there is too much sugar, or salt, or other products according to my, or my families, dietary needs and wants, then why aren’t GM producers forced to show the level of GM food found within that packet. I want to know what’s in my food, so I can make an informed decision to purchase that product, or not.

I know why: And that is because the very companies that are making money selling you products with non-labelled GM products, are paying bajillions* of dollars in the form of lobbying fees to ensure that laws aren’t passed.  Surely, if their products didn’t have a level of toxicity or some health effects residing in them, it wouldn’t be a problem. You don’t see fruit companies going ” NOO… I don’t want to tell them it’s 100% fruit, they might find out it’s good for them..” ( here’s a mainstream website talking about it..http://www.forbes.com/sites/amywestervelt/2012/08/22/monsanto-dupont-spending-millions-to-oppose-californias-gmo-labeling-law/ )

The reason for my desire is a) transparency b) knowledge and c) i do not believe that studies of the effects of GM are significant enough to truly tell me if this is going to be harmful to my body long term. Smokers didn’t die of lung cancer in the first year of tobacco being mass-produced. It’s the same situation. Adjustments are being made to the genetic layer of food, on a mass level. And this is being done, mainly for profit. Don’t get me wrong, i’m sure the original scientists truly wanted to end world hunger, and who the fuck doesn’t. But once this science gets a share-price, then that is when to be truly concerned, because for business ( and I work and speak with high-level execs and CEO’s) it’s short-term WIN to short-term WIN.

They don’t care. Think they give a shit? You’re buying their products, the share-price is going up, everyone’s making commission, buying their wives gifts, sending their kids to good schools. Would you give it up? It’s nice having money, and the stability it brings, so they don’t want to jeopardise that.

However, as important and valid as that may be, unfortunately, the knee-jerk reaction to posting ANYTHING about Monsanto ( I haven’t even started on their business practises..) and genetically modified food seems to open this OMG CONSPIRACY RUN behaviour – when in fact, I think you may sympathise with me ‘cos you’re my friendly readers, I make a good fuckin point, and this shit is important.

I’m still Katie. I’m damn smart, and am not wearing tin foil.

nb :

Definition of bajillion in English


Pronunciation: /bəˈdʒɪljən/


informal, chiefly North American

  • an extremely large number (used for emphasis):I’ve still got a bajillion things to do


1990s: fanciful formation on the pattern of billion and million