15 stops. 40 minutes. each day.

Month: March, 2013



thank goodness there is a word for it,

because to describe it

is almost impossible.

breath so calm

mind so still

heart so full.

a sunrise like any other

but more.

my coffee tastes the same,

but instead of using it to drag my 


arse out of bed, it’s become a ritual

to the morning.

Such promise awaits. 

potential unleashed into the dappled sky,

animal friends surround me at the beginning of this new day.

2 cats, 2 willy wagtails, and a kookaburra sitting on the electric wire.

we are all aware of each other,

this time, place, space.

A sunrise like no other,

yet not.





I miss you.

A line thrown

into the dark.

A fish I once knew.

No. Not *that Fish.

But another one.

One I wasn’t supposed to like.

Too young, we’re colleagues, and with a synchronous twist of fate,

my best friends nephew.

See, she was last in line, comes from a big family,

so her sisters kids are actually around the same age.

But I digress.

A self-imposed hiatus,

broken for the right person.

But Confusion Reigned Supreme

And Guilt played a starring role,

in what was to be, one of the greatest tragedies ever told.

But wait, there’s something here,

something’s tugging on the line.

Surely not.

I don’t believe it.


There isn’t a tug on the line,

but he has thrown me a rope.


a lifetime ago.

a lifetime ago.