One hour, one day..

by .me.

6.30am – 7.30am


The sun streams through the glass panels, shocking me out of my slumber.

Another workday.

And the ultimate, constant morning question.

What the fuck am I going to wear..?

Maybe the black dress, flicky skirt?

nah -too short.

Depends on weather though. And other things like

Am i going out after work?

Any important clients?

But first, weather check.




but touch and go.. time for


27c with increasing showers.

right, so no heels then, ‘cos that hill off Elizabeth street stop is a bitch, and last time you twisted your knee resulting in a torn ligament.

But shit..

Date tonight.

oh, fuck it.

If he doesn’t like me in flats he’s not worth it.


Long, black, dress

flat ballet slippers

sparkly black bangles

long necklace.



coffee,ciggie,shower(hot then cold water/ wash hair?nah), moisturiser, eye puff cream, get spoon out of freezer, drag it’s icy body against puffy eyes, deodorant, coffee, news check:

Pretorious on trial.

Floods Northern NSW.

A toddler steering a car.

concealer, foundation, slight dab of powder, eye liner, eye shadow?nah, mascara, blush, coffee, new check:

Sea Shepherd rammed by japanese whalers.

– shit, hope Glenn’s ok, he’s on one of their boats..

– wonder if that’s his ^ photo their showing?

cats. where are the cats? Kittens! Biscuits!

underwear?bra,shit what bra am i going to wear? The push up, or the softer one. softer one,can’t be arsed having the bunnies on display today.undies, bra, dress, shit needs ironing, that ain’t going to happen with no iron in the house, fuck it, it’ll drop, hair up, fringe down, shoes, kittens inside, biscuits given, windows shut, lights off, brush teeth “expect a sunny day with rain coming through this evening”, jacket? just in case, See ya kittens! door shut, forgot bracelets, door opened, got bracelets, oh my water bottle, take bottle to bathroom, filled up only half way so it’s not too heavy, keys, door locked, bag, walk.

to the bus.