A very sad day.

The battle is over, but the war has just begun.

12 months ago, I knew nothing of the Priestly’s, their farm, their family and their lives.

Yet today, I receive the most heartbreaking text from them.

” it’s over. very sad day. 2 Sheriffs, 2 Security Guards and locksmiths”

but then, the fight in her remains.

“lots of footage of me going off. I nearly decked the wimpy NAB guy. Little creep”

And that’s where the hope lies. In the hearts of those who have followed this story. In the strength of their love for their home. In the fingers of those who type away bringing this message to you.


Oh, and by the way NAB. We’re breaking up with you. Because you are no different from every other greedy motherf***ing corporation who see’s no further than your bottom line. Well, keep an eye on your bottom, because I promise you – you are about to have your ass kicked.