To facebook or not facebook – that is the question.

by .me.

yes, I’ve made a decision, albeit, not one set in stone.

Today, I deactivated my facebook account. My account where I’ve been sharing all manner of information, however, recently, I’ve found it difficult to juggle the line between ” tell everyone about all the awful news out there” and the “I’m a single girl, in a lonely world, just wanting some emotional intimacy”.

See, majority of my friends on facebook, and a lot of them truly are friends, are interested in both sides of my life. And, if they have multi-faceted FB personalities, I take a keen interest in theirs.

But, there are some facebook capabilities, that are not conducive to well-rounded, sincere, relationships. 

And so I withdraw – happy, yet already feeling the effects of a withdrawal, to my lounge chair to read a book. Instead of telling you I am reading a book. I’m just going to bloody well read it. Oh..shit.. I just told you I was going to read it, so perhaps this blog is my methadone??

Funny, I even posted on my 7 year old Livejournal account. Felt, kinda like coming home..

Anyway, so you know I’m going to be reading, but other than that, I’m keeping things private. Close. Secure. I’m nurturing a new way. And I’m going to be good at it.

And if I am good at it, I promise, I’ll tell you all about it 🙂