without love, there is nothing worth fighting for.

by .me.

5th October 2012.

This date has meaning for me, or at least it did once. Not sure though what it was, but it somehow resonates with me.

So it’s the beginning of the end of 2012. That could be more true than I actually mean it to be, with all the pomp & circumstance being peddled out by new age mystics about the end of the Mayan calendar.

We may just, however, be self-fulfilling this prophecy.

Countries currently in a state of conflict include Turkey v Syria, US v Libya (and every other freakin country under their military noses), China v Japan, Israel v Iran – and internal uprisings in Spain, Italy, Portugal – Currency wars are being played out, especially against Iran (at the moment), their currency value lost 20% in just one day.. try to even imagine that, imagine waking up one morning and everything costs 20% more than yesterday, plus  Israel is increasing their rhetoric against Iran, even at the UN with the comical ‘wars for dummy’s’ bomb poster.

We’re poisoning ourselves with GMO, Monsanto now (supposedly) even owns Blackwater, Bayer and Clinton have deals to insert 27million injections of birth control into African women, and yet even with all of this going on, yesterday I still had to see a friends status on facebook complaining that they’d missed out on their ‘Starbucks Gold Status card’ by just one day.

We have over 100,000 homeless men, women and children on the streets every night, our mining boom is almost over, our banks are ripping us off, unemployment is reaching 10%, the RBA is continuing to slash interest rates (which only effect the 30% of us with mortgages – yet strip money from pensioners, and cause inflation to rise), Gina Rhinehart wants ALL THE MEDIA and for us to all work for $2 a day ‘like the African’s (her words), and people wonder why the fuck we need groups like Occupy, Avaaz, Change.org and other socially morally upstanding non-political political groups.

You would probably think, that with all this SHIT going on, that perhaps I wouldn’t find it possible to locate peace within my heart.

Yet, this is far from true; for I have found a thousand brothers & sisters, I have found a strength I didn’t know I had, I have fire in my belly, and I can, and am, in love deeper and more sincerely than I have ever been in before.

Because I now know that this is why I fight. I know, that if I am to face up to the evil that dominates this world, I must do it with a smile on my face, music in my ears, and the pulsating eternal sound of love in my heart.

I now know, that this is all I have left. And it is marvellous.

As soon as they take away all that, then they have won.

And I’ll be damned if they are going to do it on my fuckin watch.