dreamt of dreaming dreams.

A morning like most others.

Dreams still drip through my mind

Into some form of therapy


A jolt – a true snap at 4.20 something,

awake in wonder as to any underlying reason for

This alarm.


Sleep again, not likely

Yet it finds me with ease

Cliff jumping flight into deep blue

My fall is long, but my entrance sweet


The waves pounded around me, and

The others with me

I’m concerned for my exit

Smooth rocks, rough seas.


Yet here I am already

Staring up the cliff face

So sheer

A rope to the top

Can bring me up once more.



Let me hook myself to you

Don’t you see it would help

Both of us travel back there.


I can feel the cracks in the face

As the winch takes us back

It’s not as smooth as I remember

This place I’ve never been.