You say “Politician”, I say “Liar”

by .me.

Do you believe the above is a fair statement ? And that a large percentage of the general public would agree with me?

I do.

I don’t need to conduct any fancy polls, or survey a certain percentage of the people – this is not a new situation, and is the slogan that has been drummed into me since I was 7.

My dad took me for a walk down to the local High School (where I would ultimately end up, but not until I survived 4 years of Catholic School.. God help me indeed..), it was election day. I have no idea which election, state/federal etc – but off we went all the same.  Strangly red hair, and probably Jiffy shoes on ( or none at all, more like it), wandering down the street, rating the gardens of the houses out of /10.

The schools got a really big hall, more so to a tiny little thing like myself. I remember the emptyness of it all – wondering why you would build something so tall, when people weren’t that big.. seemed such waste. Dad must have grabbed the papers and had his name scratched out, because the next thing I remember is looking down at this white paper,seeing the little pencil, and watching my dad draw a box above all the other boxes , write ” My mum” next to it, and then tick it. I giggled, and said      ” DAD!” You can’t do that, can you? Mumfie lives in england” ( Mum + Phylis , her name = Mumfie) He said ” Pfft.. There’s no one else on there that’ll do any better!”

Thus my introduction to politics.

And I’m sure some of you have similar stories – maybe you were watching the news, or Dad was reading the paper. Either way, we have all grown up with this slogan. Seen it across the news daily. To the point where we now have an addiction to not giving a shit.

So, what does that really say? If our parents taught us this about politics, then how long has it been like this? Will it always be this way because of human nature? Or is the power that corrupts?

I can tell you now. The majority of my friends and family- do not behave in anyway like what we see politicians get up to. Maybe I just have a good, solid group of friends – people who are trustworthy, and true. Well, not maybe – they are all of this and more. But are my friends so out of the ordinary? Are politicians truly behaving like people we know?

And more so. Are politicians behaving the way we need them to behave if they are to RUN THE FUCKING COUNTRY??


It just seriously needs to stop. And re-boot. and burn it to the ground, in order for it to rise like the phoenix.

I truly cannot believe the callibre of Julia Guillard and Tony Abbott.

It’s like trying to decide if i want AIDS or Cancer. I facepalm myself constantly when I hear them on the news. Literally. And I live alone, so I’m not doing it for anyone’s entertainment. Although the cat finds it amusing. I can feel the tension rise through my chest and my arms at the mockery these leaders are making of us.

I could elaborate, but we all know the score.

These two, and all the other muppets, inspire me to go into politics.

Inspired, because I reckon I could do a better job. Not for the loftiness of the position – it’s a shit position, but just because somebody.has to do.something.

not the kind of inspiration I was looking for in our leaders. You know, you had that good teacher at school, who made you want to be a teacher? I think that’s how our politicians should beahve. Surely, it’s not a lot to ask for??

I don’t have any policies, or ideas about how to change it all – but I’d learn, I’m freakishly quick to pick up stuff ( taught myself some html on the weekend..), and I would ensure, because I know you can all take it, to tell you the gods honest truth. Sure, it might cause issues, but perhaps by one Leader speaking truthfully about this world, the others will start to take notice. Especially when the people would realise the respect I had for them by speaking truthfully.

Perhaps a revolution of truth is called for.

And it could cause my assassination, but hell.. there are worse ways of dying.

All I ask of people, is to acknowledge that their leaders are shit. They’re awful. They lie to us. About us. All the time.

Think about what can be done to ensure your kids don’t have to teach their kids the same.