A day of Anzac.

by .me.

Tomorrow is Anzac Day.

And whilst the bravery, courage and determination of the Diggers are to be commended and respected, they are just doing their job.

Going where they are told.
Shooting at todays designated enemy.
And coming home scarred, scared, and unprepared.

I would more salute and cry for conscripted soldiers, than decorated, life-long soldiers of war.

They had no choice and in most cases, were being directly attacked, which warrants self-defence.

But Iraq, Afghanistan and probably Iran next? Are we being attacked? Or are we attacking?

Where are the WMD’s? ( Weapons of Mass Destruction) Still yet to find them in Iraq – 11 years later.

And Osama Bin Laden? Dropped his body at sea after 15 special ops found, arrested, and killed him.

So if 15 men could do this job, why were 187,900 men, at peak, put in harm’s way? Was it necessary to sacrifice the lives of 1,827 men?

I have no doubt, that you are battling an enemy.

But I ask..

How did they become your enemy? Did they attack first? And in a lifetime of history, when was the “first attack”? Please don’t use the acquired victim mentality to justify. You placed yourself in the situation. Don’t use human rights issues as your justification. Volunteers, Peace keepers, education is needed; not drones, RPG’s, and tanks.

Being in, and marking territory in someone else’s backyard, creates and encourages increased nationalism and extremism. It draws a line to which others do not accept.

Flip the coin. Imagine the opposite. Imagine they are on your land.
Would you embrace? Or would you fight?

Diggers don’t start wars.
Governments do.

Who would fight on behalf of our government if we refused to go to war for any reason besides self-defence and genocide?

What if every soldier laid down his weapon and asked himself “ Who is my enemy and what has he done to me? Does he not also have children? Does he want to live this way, in fear and perpetual hatred? Is this the kind of world to leave to the future generations?”

Who are we, the western world, to dictate the terms of culture, law, society onto other countries?

Are we not also barbaric, short-sighted, weak, and human?

A thought though…

Perhaps, we could encourage a wider view of the world.

Perhaps, borders are to blame.

Perhaps, if we open our borders and our hearts, we can inspire the people of the world to move towards a location which is more in line with their values, without fear of not being able to provide for their families.

Then we would be truly free to live the way we wanted – whether it is as a farmer, a city-slicker, a Bedouin, a sailor, a judge of Sharia Law. By allowing the free movement of people, we will see democracy of the feet.

Let people go.

They will live where and how they want. Sometimes, this might mean moving away from your home, your place of birth. How easily we forget our common denominators. We are home. This planet is our home. Our borders are man-made. It’s time we stopped seeing just a few square miles as “ours”.

Remove the attachment to land,

Remove the attachment to oil,

And you have removed many many reasons to war.